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Professionalism. Flair. Pleasant to work with. Always!
Catherine Zemelka, Agency IN
Mag-ni-fi-cent! (...) Thanks again. You're this year's find!
Christine Tremblay, Rédaction Christine Tremblay
Thank you for your excellent work. (...) I saw the finished product and it is obviously your very best work. Sincere thanks!
Élie Lalancette, Communications Velpro
I am holding a real gem in my hands. The artwork is gorgeous. The main images fade perfectly to merge with the text: text and image become one... The presentation is very attractive — bright colours, dynamic lines, great choices. It's a beautifully designed, highly effective, contemporary document with plenty of punch. Once again, BRAVO!!!
Gina Pinet, Director, Centre d’études collégiales en Charlevoix
Many thanks for your excellent and original work. With professionalism, dexterity and humour, you were able to complete a project, generous with advice on web hosting and publishing. It would be a pleasure to work with you in the future...
Louis Bilodeau, President, Traductions Transcode
Professionalism and availability are just a few of their positive qualities. The work is always completed on time. We were impressed with how quickly they responded to our requests - for us, that is essential
Paul Verret, Executive vice-president
Creative and efficient graphic artists. Just what we needed!
Raynald Harvey, President, UniMarketing